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Fall trends: move your outdoor Roda furniture inside

Fall trends: move your outdoor Roda furniture inside

One of the coolest fall trends for this year will be reinterpreting your outdoor furniture as indoor pieces of design. Italian brand Roda is here to help you with this!

Just like every year, summer is (sadly) coming to an end, this can actually be a pretty exciting time: leaves turn beautiful colors, pumpkin-spiced lattes are just around the corner, and everyone is getting ready for Halloween. However, also like every year, we’re faced with the same dilemma: what should we do with our outdoor furniture? Roda, one of the most renowned Italian brands got its spot in the interior design hall of fame thanks to the versatility of its furniture design, and might actually be able to help you. The philosophy that this company transmits into its products has revolutionized the approach to the outdoors. Introducing the concept of "In & Out", according to which the geometries, materials, fabrics, colors of indoors and outdoors contaminate each other. Home décor is not about a single room, decorating is not about dividing environments. According to Roda, interior design is about harmony and coherence within and outside of the entire house. Roda was initially born as an outdoor furniture company wanting to make the entire house enjoyable and to furnish every inch of it without leaving any detail to chance.


Roda was able to fully execute their ambitious ideas thanks to its artistic director, Rodolfo Dordoni. Thanks to him, Roda was the first manufacturer of outdoor furniture to conceptualize and create collections that are suitable both inside and outside, with materials, designs, and features that can be versatile, elegant, and functional. Roda has become a pioneer of the "In & Out" furniture philosophy which came to life thanks to the collaboration of Gordon Guillaumier and the stylist and colorist Gabriella Zecca. The commitment and skill of this company and its designers are confirmed by the many projects Roda took part in: decorating hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Netherlands and many other places all over the world, where innovation and functionality are valued as the most important characteristics in furniture.


Let’s try to explain the “In & Out” concept, by applying it to our everyday life at home. Imagine having the opportunity to enjoy the comfort, familiarity, and warmth of a family living room in a garden, in a courtyard, on a terrace or at the edge of a swimming pool. Do you think it is possible to recreate that intimate feeling, that domestic warmth, that coziness, in the outdoors? Roda tried to channel all these positive feelings in their collections, meant to recreate the specific features of a domestic living room outside of the house walls. With this premises, this innovative Italian company offers a revolutionary seating system that includes all the features of an indoor textile sofa, but in the outdoor version. The research about the materials and production techniques, the craftsmanship experience, the design taste, the technological innovation are, once again, the strengths of this company, rightfully one of the top brand in the world.


The Dandy collection, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni himself, is a modular seating system that conveys the elegance of a warm and welcoming living room to the outdoors. The line is a perfect synthesis between technology and comfort, thanks to the quality of the materials and abilities of the designers. All the products of the Dandy line have an aluminum body covered with a special outdoor, waterproof, and breathable material, for a light but resistant structure, with a design of great formal rigor. The easily removable covers are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors, with textures that reproduce the visual features of linen, canvas, and tweed, but with outdoor-friendly characteristics. Modularity and customization are fundamental to Roda, which made all of the Dandy seats in different sizes and finishes, to make them suitable for any style.


Another successful furniture line by Roda is the Double collection. This is a collection of chairs that combines minimalist design with the beauty of metal: aluminum is the main material of these pieces, with a new 3D net that guarantees maximum durability and comfort that can be left as is or covered with upholstery. If Double is a collection that celebrates aluminum, the Teka line, designed by Gordon Guillaumier, is meant to use teak wood as the main protagonist. The Teka tables are enriched with glazed stone tops, that make them unique and add personality to the home décor. All of the collections by Roda are harmoniously combined together for the coherent and cohesive brand personality, that has made this company famous. The company founded in 1990 by Roberto Pompa has completely revolutionized the concept of outdoor and indoor furniture, focusing on aesthetics and the durability of materials aiming to bring something unique into everyone’s life.


Are you fascinated by the ideas behind the design of this elegant furniture? Take a look at more creations by Roda and find out more about this innovative Italian company.

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