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6 furniture brands to get inspired from today - new designs give birth to new style.

6 furniture brands to get inspired from today - new designs give birth to new style.

Combine audacity and creativity to develop innovative solutions and diversity of design talents. The result is always outstanding.

In the high-end residential skyscrapers that are now altering every bigger city in every country skyline, the ability to gaze down upon a 30-storeyed apartment while bathing and showering is a well-defined luxury to own.  The external visuals are breathe-taking and obviously you would want the interiors to be equally pleased by.  Making bathroom furniture an essential part of the environment intended as a temple of psychophysical well-being where furniture, lights, and senses are elegantly merged. 


The colors are complementing each other but the sculpture design by BMT is just outstanding.


Just like French aristocrats imported their fashions from Spain, they bought their tapestries in Brussels, their lace and mirrors in Venice, and their silk in Milan, for chandeliers, however, as they are undoubtedly the greatest masters, they could not help but notice some Belgian designers giving them a tough run.  If you love Louis XIV style then these details might amuse you.  Chandeliers made of hand cut crystals, semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, malachite and porphyry, enriched with hand chiselled 24kt gold plated bronzes are truly a magnificent piece of art. 

Heuvelmans interiors ref.903 h.130cm dia.70cmdet 12LP-500x500.jpg

Heuvelmans' Interior - A classic example of perseverance.


Modern is often used interchangeably with contemporary to describe home styles. Generally speaking, modern homes have simple lines, while contemporary homes include more pops of color. It's raining chairs here in Milan, and we are loving it. Sprinkled by chic designs and trendy colors, this brand is worth a watch. Brace up, sit up, shine up.


 Modern designs & trends by Concepta that are never seen before.

It isn't exactly the type of furniture most 2-year-olds are craving: an armoire with rococo carving and antique coloring, but that is what furniture makers are increasingly offering them. The fast-growing kids' furniture segment has been successful in recent years in part because many adults have been buying pieces not just for their kid's rooms but for the rest of the house as well. Toddler furniture is all about play combined with the consistent, practical elements of daily life: a need for durability, innovation, and imagination. Safe and light furniture have become a basic criterion and not an option.


Nuun kids design - let the experts handle with care.


Inspiring luxury modern furniture design ideas with unique shape for the extravagant villa interiors with Italian style furniture in living area, chandelier, coffee tables,etc.


Give a french touch to your living room, start with Symbiosis.

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