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Feel the experience of owning a handmade furniture by Italian artisans.

Feel the experience of owning a handmade furniture by Italian artisans.

Remodelling designs which are centuries old based on the rediscovery of ancient flavours.

There are indeed many things Italy is famous for: of course, the first that comes to my mind is food. You know how Italians care about having a well-balanced, full-course meal: appetizers, first course, second course, desert and so on. Now, if you’re familiar with the feeling of having a full belly, you also know the cherry on top is sitting on a soft, firm, & comfy sofa. Possibly because nothing else feels so amazing, Italians have spent decades perfecting the art of manufacturing the comfiest sofas, designed with traditional Italian quality in mind. So, there you go: if you’re looking for suggestions, here are the few top Italian furniture brands for the season.


Gamamobel has been around for years, and in fact, the modular sofa is characterized by the laid-back and chilled spirit of that magical decade.  The goal is of creating fashionalble but comfortable as well as flexible livingroom furniture.  Could you expect any more desire for flexibility by people who so far had been working for top clients?


All the dynamism and flexibility you need, with Gamamobel

Tredici Design

Home décor and lighting? This brand has always managed to be successful and create designs that could meet the needs and tastes of clients all over the world. Their designs can be extremely essential, but can also recall some of the greatest models ever created.


Italian class and quality: you can trust Tredici Design

Bruno Piombini

Some objects become precious, others are born that way. Bruno Piombini furniture is noble from birth, masterfully created from the warmth of living wood by expert hands working in our land.  It comes with passion and a desire to be part of the family that chooses it. It wants you to write your own stories: those of your happiest moments engraved in our furniture. Furniture that will bring to life your home and that, one day, will have your stories to tell.


Explore the bedroom collection by Bruno Piombini.

An incredible, stunning mixture of modern and contemporary is one of the keys to the success of this Italian brand. Of course, it is not the only one, but it is probably the most noticeable and remarkable characteristic, at least in the eyes of someone who is discovering it for the first time in their life. The search from leather starts in the mountains of northern Europe, where the leather that has been collected is treated and worked to perfection by skilled craftsmen and artisans who employ techniques their family-run businesses have been employing for centuries. In their hands, leather becomes a magical material, capable of being shaped into a thousand different styles, decorated with an almost endless range of colors.


A living room TV cabinet by Bruno Piombini

Starting from traditional craftsmanship techniques, soon the company soon got to identify its own personal road to success in technological progress and in the quality of its design and raw materials.  The coffee table layout design dates back to centuries and here it has been modernized.


Coffee table design by Bruno Piombini

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