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Day one at the International furniture fair - Feria Habitat Valencia

Day one at the International furniture fair - Feria Habitat Valencia

Grand opening ceremony and back to back meetings.

The international furniture fair takes off after Habitat's official opening. First up was a guided tour of the exhibition of Alicante based designer Mario Ruiz's work. Ruiz won the National Prize for Design.

It was a busy opening ceremony followed by a series of meeting held in our office space in the international fair.  A lot was discussed by the brands as to how we can help the new brands grow their business worldwide through new media digital marketing and logistics.  The meeting was held by the brand managers and the project managers who individually progressed with the one-on-one personal meeting with the brand representatives and brand owners to make them feel more special.


Grand opening ceremony followed by the agenda of the day.

While we took a tour of the first day of the fair, we were taken by surprise that most of the brands showcasing their products were the first-timers or a new startup company.  All of them had some uniqueness about their product and process making which is more environment friendly and cost efficient, which would evidently reduce the cost of the furniture.


Casaitalian and Eurooo freestands visible from the main entrance to make it easy for the brands to find us.


Casaitaliana and Eurooo Conference Rooms in "Club del Comprador"


Casaitaliana and Eurooo conference hall in "Sala Consular" 


Casaitaliana & Eurooo employees at work.


Casaitaliana and Eurooo employees at work.


Stand meetings with the brand owners.


Guests and representatives from the brand visit our conference rooms.for detail discussion.

The second day of Habitat sees the focus shift almost entirely on the world of contracts, one of the mainstays of the industry's business, starting with a workshop called 'The Future of Contract, advances and the future of contracts' that takes place in the morning.

Organized jointly with Grupo Vía, panellists include notable professionals such as Jordi Cuenca, of hotel design consultancy Verum Hotel Development; architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez; José Manuel Fernández, executive director of hotel development consultancy Cuarto Interior; Ignasi Llauradó, CEO and creative director at interior architecture practice Dear American Design and Rockwell Group, which has worked on commissions all over the world and in Spain has delivered unusual designs such as the Westin Hotel and the Royal Theater, both in Madrid

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