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Day 02 at the international Furniture Fair - Feria Habitat Valencia

Day 02 at the international Furniture Fair - Feria Habitat Valencia

The day opens up with another interesting workshop by speakers that include representatives of specialist firms.

The symposium is being organized by Ecus Sleep and speakers include representatives of specialist firms such as BHome, Neoblockmodular, Abaton, Vivood Landscape Hotels, GAT and consultancy Hotel Mystery Guest. The workshop will finish with a presentation of digital sales platform.


Day 2 company presentations at Agora 

The day opens up with another interesting workshop that takes place in the afternoon. Not entirely unrelated to the Contract World as the first day.  This session will be focusing on the more industrial facet of this sector.  CARMENES goes to Hábitat with a new version of Majestic and the new Heritage sideboard of the Easy Living line.  As an innovation, the brand will present a new version of the Majestic sofa, in which design is very comfortable when sitting in different postures.


Living room composition by Carmenes

As for Loft, this line makes it possible to choose the right type of sofa for every moment.  The wooden structure of this piece allows the seat to be modified to reveal its multiple personalities, which are complemented, moreover, by its pouf and corner seat options, which add to its versatility.


After inauguration press meet.

The event was inaugurated by the Minister of Finance and Economic Model of the Generalitat Valenciana, Vicent Soler, together with the Mayor of Valencia and Chairman of the Board of Feria Valencia, Joan Ribó. 


Guests are leaving with brochure of Casaitaliana and Eurooo.


Brand and company meeting in the standhalls.

Out of the four pavilions of which the fair is structured around the styles of design and avant-garde, classic and high decoration and modern / contemporary, we finished visiting both the halls for Contemporaneo and started with Alta Decoracion today. plan.jpg

Here is the easier explanation of the fair structure.

On Thursday, 19th September 2018, Feria Valencia will for the second year running host the National Design Associations Congress (6ENAD), organized in conjunction with the Spanish Network of Design Associations (READ)and the Comunitat Valenciana Designers Association (ADCV), which is chairing the congress. This is the most important gathering in Spain dedicated to design and is supported by the industry’s most representative associations.


Casaitalian & Eurooo held brand meetings in the "Club del Comprador."

Love and enthusiasm into every creation to surprise a sensitive but demanding public. Expertise of traditional craft techniques, all creations are made by the hands of Portuguese & Spanish master craftsmen.


More & more brand meetings scheduled for this day.

It's a busy and successful day so far.  See you tomorrow with more updated news and events.

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