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Post Habitat International furniture fair - new brands, busy lifestyle, and more.

Post Habitat International furniture fair - new brands, busy lifestyle, and more.

What's new? A fresh start of the week and we have some news for you.

Our society has forgotten an important thing, while focusing only on productivity and work: spoiling yourself a bit is important too to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is fundamental that we allow our brain to regenerate, to recharge our body batteries, with benefits for our health, relationships, productivity at work. We are not suggesting you should turn into an inconclusive and idle person, but we all should try to find some time during the day just for ourselves, to rest and relax. So what is the first place that comes to your mind when you think of relaxation and some time off? Majority of them have their answers as their home.  Therefore, it is equally important to feel comfortable in the sofa you choose that would remain atleast a decade or more until you decide for a makeover.   After the successful Habitat – Valencia Feria, we have picked some brands which we thought were refreshing with new designs and personalized concepts specializing in living room, lighting and other interior construction materials.



Living room designed by Santiago Pons – Habitat Feria Valencia


Most of us live a busy city lifestyle every day with a thousand things to do, we are so stressed out, always dealing with problems and difficult situations, without ever being able to break the routine, but you can just for a while turn off your smartphones, and enjoy some time for yourselves, just relaxing and doing nothing. Don’t neglect your hobbies.  Experiment with home décor and design your home.



Hand-made home essentials by Neò


The busy lives that we live often lead us to neglect our hobbies and passions. Nonetheless, we need to try not to neglect them, and find time to dedicate to any hobby that you may have. Create an equipped workstation, save a corner of your house just for your hobby: like just a comfy armchair next to an elegant bookshelf.  This will become your private place, the shelter from the outer world: where you can truly be yourself and indulge in an activity that makes you feel good, relaxed and regenerated.



Living room designed by Loyratime – Habitat Feria Valencia


Use these moments to clear your thoughts, to forget about the issues that are causing you stress. The best way to do that, is lay down on a comfy chaise longue chair, and look at life from a different perspective: the way the lazy bones do.


Several researchers found out that naps help inspiration, by producing a significant activity of the right brain hemisphere, the one associated with creativity, while the left remained quiet. To make your naps cozy and comfortable, designers have created hybrid sofas that are meant specifically to welcome you for your afternoon siesta. To make the nap atmosphere complete, choose a blackout curtain, soft cushions and always a soft blanket, preferably in relaxing shades such as blue or blue.


Here is another good place to relax: the bathtub! How many of us have one, but end up almost never using it? You should never give up the opportunity to soak into perfumed hot water for an hour. A long bath can transform in a moment of quiet and contemplation useful to free the mind from stress and thoughts. Personalize your bathroom your own way: choose pleasant colors and marble flooring to create a charming atmosphere. If you have a curtain around your tub, keep it closed: leave the noises out of your private moment. If you are lucky enough to have a Jacuzzi, the bubbly water will make your relax hour feel like a spa treatment. Ready to live your sweet lazy bones life?


Marble flooring by Italgraniti


We all know that cooking can be therapeutic: preparing a dish for yourself or for your beloved one can ease your mind and make you feel better. Take some time to cook something that will warm your body and heart, a comfort food that will help you get through your rough days. You will feel relaxed both while cooking it and when eating it. Having your dining room organized and maintaining it can be quite a task but with new designs and technology, organizing your dining table doesn’t seem much of an effort. Keep your favorite cooking accessories and spices at hand, so you can move around the kitchen taking care of each step of the recipe slowly, enjoying every moment of it.


Dining table designs by Zinx

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