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Somma 1867 is a bedding brand that has been providing luxury bedding pieces since 1867.

Somma places a large importance on luxury, comfort, exclusivity and innovation which is evident in their stylish pieces. Somma 1867's fine Italian pieces incorporate the highest quality materials including Australian merino wool, Chinese cashmere and Egyptian cotton.

Somma 1867 luxurious and comfortable pieces are offered for the bedroom, home décor and bathroom.

The high quality fine Italian bedroom pieces include bed sheets, duvet covers, down comforters, quilts, quilted bedspreads, blankets and light blankets. Somma 1867's home décor is made up of their elegant and stylish plaids that are offered in an array of sizes and fabrics. Somma 1867's sophisticated bathroom range offers the highest comfort bathrobes, towels, bath mats and beach towels.

The utilization of Somma 1867's fine materials in Somma 1867's pieces is able to be offered by a process of research and innovation to find and deliver the high quality materials that go in to their products. The entire production process of Somma 1867's pieces is exclusively made in Italy, from the thread to the finished piece.

Somma 1867 showcases the latest trends and emerging tastes in their bedroom, home décor and bathroom pieces.

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