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EUROOO, founded in Milan in 2000, mainly deals with the trade in furniture and building materials.

In 2010 he made his official entry into China and, after having founded the International E-Commerce Co. Ltd in Beijing, established the branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu until the opening of an online platform specialized in combined service. of high-end Italian and European furnishings.

The EUROOO platform, through 11 languages, spreads the lifestyle of high-end furniture and the numerous historical brands with which it collaborates throughout the world. Currently it cooperates with more than 8000 brands of construction materials and furnishings from Italy and various countries of Europe, offering itself on the Chinese and international market as a service platform highly specialized in European imported materials and furnishings. As regards lifestyle and furnishings, Casaitaliana has already become a pioneer in the diffusion of Italian and European design, art and culture in the world.

PHP Developer
WEB Marketing (German speaking)
PHP Developer

Job requirements:

1.Degree in IT or similar: more than one year of related work experience as a front-end developer.

2.Understanding of DIV and CSS structures of HTML pages: being able to write a CSS standard sheet, web page design and being able to solve browser compatibility issues.

3.Know HTML5, CSS3, W3C web standards, jQuery, Javascript, AJAX, JSON and other applications like Eclipse, MySql or NodeJS.

4.Master PHP, PHP+MySql (previous experience preferred)

5.Database MySql, Framework opensource PHP (eg. Think PHP), data structure and SQL operation.

6.Installation, maintenance and operation of the server. Linux basic commands and LNMP and LAMP environment.

WEB Marketing (German speaking)

Description and duties of the position

1.Managing the company’s email marketing campaigns.

2.Keeping up to date with      changes and advances in social media and advising on new channels and      approaches to adopt.

3.Monitoring social media      for company mentions and engaging with customers where relevant.

4.Monitoring return on      investment for the different online marketing campaigns



1.A degree in marketing, though desirable, isn’t mandatory. Languages, journalism and communications degrees are also valuable.

2. Mother tongue

3.Skills in verbal and written communications, language proficiency, organizing and interpreting complex data and generating ideas.