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1. On-line search and inquiry
Every product available on our online platform can be customized to suit your needs and your preferences about the brand. During the production process you can easily check the status of your order through our system.

2. Free Installation
EUROOO guarantees free installation all over the world. Our international team is specialized in luxury furniture handling and building materials handling. We offer a highly specialized logistics team and home delivery.

3. Professional Design
We collaborate with more than 50 architecture studios and with more than 1,500 architects. This team closely cooperates with our designers to create unique products that satisfy our customers’ needs.

4. Logistics
We currently have 5 international logistics stocks in Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Speed and efficiency are important values in our work philosophy. Our team in Italy speaks English, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Russian and can elaborate quotations without intermediaries and every technical and commercial request is satisfied quickly.

5. Complete post-sales services
We offer post-sales services in order to answer every single customers demand. We focus on details and guarantee quality. EUROOO is the only supplier of European furniture and building materials that offers a full suite of services and secures a two-year warranty period for all its purchased products.


1. On-line selection and placing an order with EUROOO
You can choose a product on our website and contact our staff to get the characteristics and the price of the goods you are interested in. If you have special requirements towards your product you are kindly asked to inform us of these special requirements by phone or by email. Our team based in Italy speaks English, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Russian.

2. Project design and customer support:
A professional team can develop interior design and decoration of projects.

3. Free of charge assembly of the product
We offer a free of charge assembly of the product on its arrival at the destination. We offer a two-years’ warranty period for all EUROOO purchased goods.

4. Logistics and warehouse facilities
Availability of the warehouse facilitates and cooperation with factories permits us organize prompt delivery of the goods to clients. Making use of our Track Order Service, you can trace your order starting from its loading and finishing with its arrival at the destination.

5. Comprehensive aftersales service
The aftersales service represents a full spectrum of services provided to a client after the acquisition of the product. The company is able to resolve all possible issues concerning the product and places strong emphasis on the details and guarantees qualified and professional conducting of the full range of services offered.