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Oak (Quercus Petrea Liebl. = Q. Sessilis Ehrh.). Big tree of the Fagaceae family whose diameter may exceed 1.50 m. Up to 35 m high, these trees are extremely long-lived (up to 300-500 years). Oak is widely diffused in Europe, the Caucasus and Asia Minor, where it forms magnificent forests. The wood is very similar to the English Oak (Quercus Robur) and its general features are similar too, a part from the fact it’s major specific weight. If the wood is quarter sawn, the big rays give an effect called mirrowing, the light and shiny medullar rays, which form a pleasant ornamental design. Oak wood contains tannin. As a result, if the wood gets in touch with iron, azure to black stains may appear. Oak is used for heavy constructions, maritime works, railway sleepers, wood flooring elements and firewood, as well as raw material for the production of high quality coal. Oak is also used for the construction of wine and spirit barrels, giving the characteristic barrique flavour to wines and cognac.

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Gazzotti offers the best wooden floors characterized by their natural beauty, elegance and style.They are produced in Italy and 100% of the production is controlled: every single piece of parquet that leaves our premises is checked in order to become an International ambassador of our entennial tradition of Italian style, innovation and design. 

Gazzotti presents itself as a Group composed of the two historical brands Gazzotti, industrial company that produces wooden floors in Bologna, and Idee&Parquet, an Arezzo based company deeply rooted to Tuscan craftsman tradition.

More than 100 years of experience, knowledge of the nature and the raw materials, passion for beauty and for design, technological innovation and aesthetics to produce wood floors which give emotions, enjoyable to touch and to look at, environmentally sustainable and unmistakeably Italian. 

When the requests exceed the features of the most sophisticated industrial products, only Gazzotti Group is able to go beyond, thanks to the Tuscan company Idee&Parquet, with an artefact made specifically for a Contract or made to measure on demand of an architect, sometimes made by hand in order to satisfy the best architects and designers and the most prestigious fashion brands who desire for their head quarters and for their shops a high end Italian craftsman product, which is exclusive, creative and authentic.

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