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“Two arches with different trajectories but same origin base, encounter each other accidentally and by apparently radomness creating an idea or just an emotion. “Ellos” gathers the experience of the past that faces the future in an instant, inspired by the colours of the nature in their own armony and contrast. These two arches are “ellos”, two lifes among the rest.”

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There was something missing in the international exterior design panorama. Truth been told, exterior design was lacking a part of its soul: the emotional one. Outdoor showers is an important branch of exterior design to which little attention has been given. They are considered as goods, impersonalized objects, build with the single purpose of being simple and useful. In Eternity, we absolutely wanted to change this; we wanted to produce not just a useful piece, but a unique object that permits you and your hosts live an unforgettable experience. We decided to take exterior design to its edges: redefining it into a real multisensory experience that does not fear the passage of time or the aggression of the natural elements. Modern design is a mixture of two, equally important, components: functionality and aesthetics. The most precious materials have to pass the functionality test in order to be selected for our well-known modern outdoor showers. Here at Eternity we select the most resistant materials and put them under the heaviest stress tests: none of the elements is powerful enough to pierce our inox 316 steel. Neither the saltiest seawater can corrode our outdoor showers. Shape the future with our modern showers.

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