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Representative of luxury and elegance in any details of design and workmanship, Chester fascinates thanks to its bevels on folded armlets, deep upholstered seams and elegant structure. Allowing you to add elegance in your living areas thanks to its hundreds of different color and fabric options, Chester continues to be included among the favorite Fuga products.

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Fuga Furniture is the registered trademark of Artek Furniture, established in 1991. With a hundred percent Turkish capital, it is completely manufactured in Turkey. Dedicated itself to reforms for 25 years, Fuga Furniture continues to direct the sector. Having manufactured only modern furniture since its establishment, it followed policies which are away from pretension, that are the requirements of our clients with top class designs. In addition to its designs, it further put its signatures under major investments in the field of research and innovation. The success of Fuga Furniture consists of consistent designs, contemporary and aesthetic elements.With approximately 50 new designs, included in the collection every year, it extends its range of products. It prefers natural products, manufactured and designed with its following motto of ‘’turning to natural’’, initiated in recent years. Natural materials, which are especially used in Loft, Lav, Lins, Miro, Inka and Merlin Collections reflect the harmony and color of nature in marble and massive walnut houses.Hitting the headlines in international platforms thanks to the fairs in many parts of the world in recent years, Fuga Furniture continues to progress by growing and developing.Fuga Furniture is one of the major companies of furniture sector in export as well. While maintaining to make export to 5 continents, it carries out any kind of strong and major projects.In addition to this, it is also assertive about retail sale with 2 stores in Tripoli, Libya, one in Baku, Azerbaijan, Suleymaniye and Erbil in Northern Iraq, Nicosia in TRNC, Miami in USA, Budapest in Hungary, Tel Aviv in Israel, Zürich in Sweden, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Hangzhou in Ningbo, Shanghai, Chengdu and Foshan in China, New Delhi in India.It has also stores in Turkey, being mainly 4 in Istanbul, 2 in Ankara and one store in İzmir, Gaziantep and Samsun.  

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