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A smooth and comfortable dimension, Soft – joins forces with a touch of impertinence and freshness - Soda, for a delectable cocktail: a family of armchairs, chairs, benches and footstools, just perfect to revitalise a private interior or furnish a restaurant. Thanks to the upholstery of NOSAG springs and a hybrid foam that combines elasticity and resistance, Soft & Soda furniture boast optimal seating comfort to boot.


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Founded 1990, Mobitec Systems SA is a Belgian family company specialized in production of high quality chairs, armchairs and tables.

As a producer, Mobitec approaches exclusively professional customers: furniture shops (Retail) and collective marketing (Contract).

Strong and proud of its customer’s trust, Mobitec aims to keep it. That’s the reason why the society moves heaven and earth in order to satisfy the requests and looks ahead at its customer’s expectations: A complete collection with innovating design, a large choice of layouts, the possibility to work on the fabrics and leathers sent by the customer, an efficient quality control, logistics flexibility and a qualitative after sales service.

At least once, each customer gets the service he deserves, irrespective of the value or volume of its order.

Actually Mobitec is the most important manufacturer of chairs in Belgium and employs about 500 persons overall all sites.

Design: Our Strength is that we have our own innovative design department. Our constant analysis and systematic following of the market trends enable us at Mobitec to be the Trendsetters instead of the followers.

With total respect of our company’s values, our 3 designers constantly renew and update our existing product range whilst creating new forms and introducing new technologies, always with one eye on the most essential values we hold here at Mobitec, the choice/seating comfort and durability.

100% Self-made production

Proud to Boast : we produce our collections from start to finish A-Z.

With purchasing all the required material woods/foams/fabrics etc., we control every aspect along the production process within our own 3 production sites whilst of course respecting the environment along the way.

Sustainable quality : our trademark.

Our seating comfort and quality is the result of over two decades of research, reflection and continuous improvement.

A Global concept – always a solution for your project.

Your advantage? our overall extensive portfolio design choice – whatever the place or space to equip you will always be able to find a product within our collection that provides the answer.

Mobitec offers a wide range of products: Chairs, barstools, armchairs, tables and ottomans.

But did you know that together with the wide range of items, many of our models are also available in various versions or ‘stories’ such as with or without arms/padded or wooden armrests, high or low backs, stools to go with dining chairs and so on. This enables you to give a comprehensive presentation rather than bits from here and there trying to push them together in some scenarios.

Customise the product to your heart’s content with our broad palette of wood finishes and cover options.

While most manufactures on the market offer only a few finishes, Mobitec offers a large choice:

All our products are available in 3 wood types of Beech, Oak and walnut with 30 possible stain options here, plus 25 types of covers such as fabrics, leather and faux leather offering a choice generally of over 300 colourways.

But it doesn’t end there! – we are happy to tell you that if your project requires a unique finish with a specific fabric or customers own fabric, again it is no problem for us quite the contrary. Simply forward your fabric to our head office and we will organise the rest.

We really can offer all of this at an excellent price-quality cost as we are organised and efficient with it.

Our structure is simple – we employ the right people with the right attitude to do the right job at the right time – and we are all here waiting to help you!

When you choose the Mobitec family you pay for and experience the quality not a brand.

Why not give us a try....

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