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1. Knowing our clients’ needs
The first phase is all about getting to know the clients and their needs, knowing the brands and tailoring our concepts according to their aesthetics and budget.

2. Collecting technical sheets/data
The second phase is articulating the client idea into the functional layout plan. Space planning is the first stage that our interior designers think about. Once everything is approved in the planning, the functional furniture layout plan will be finalized.

3. Conceptual Development
The third phase consists of complementing the initial plans with a concept, ambiance and a mood board. During this phase, we collaborate with our clients by sharing the chosen design style, color pallet, materials and finishes. Wall, ceiling, flooring and lighting design will be done in this stage. After that, we will go about sourcing the actual furniture. Materials are finalized from the local or global market sources.

4. 3D visualization
This phase is optional & conditional with an added cost as it includes presenting the client with either a realistic 3D render, walkthrough or virtual reality tour, allowing them to fully visualize the space. The design is then tweaked according to the relevant changes.

5. Technical listing / Quotation list
In this phase, we deliver you a complete set of technical drawings and FF lists. These include the cover sheet, drawing list, finishes schedule, existing floor plan, flooring plans, furniture layout plans, ceiling plan, lighting layouts, all dimensioned internal elevations and cross sections.

6. Execution / Signing the purchase contract
The final step is to ensure that the execution of your design is exactly what you have anticipated. We do this through our first-class local partners.


- Conceptual design
- Design Development
- Detailed Design and Drawings Production
- ID/FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) Specifications
- Material Sample Boards
- Presentation Layouts and Visuals
- 3D Visualization, Animation, Walk-Throughs and Virtual Reality (Added cost*)
Apply conditions* Please, kindly contact our consultants for detailed informations.


1. On-line search and inquiry
Every product available on our online platform can be customized to suit your needs and your preferences about the brand. During the production process you can easily check the status of your order through our system.

2. Free Installation
EUROOO guarantees free installation all over the world. Our international team is specialized in luxury furniture handling and building materials handling. We offer a highly specialized logistics team and home delivery.

3. Professional Design
We collaborate with more than 50 architecture studios and with more than 1,500 architects. This team closely cooperates with our designers to create unique products that satisfy our customers’ needs.

4. Logistics
We currently have 5 international logistics stocks in Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Speed and efficiency are important values in our work philosophy. Our team in Italy speaks English, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Russian and can elaborate quotations without intermediaries and every technical and commercial request is satisfied quickly.

5. Complete post-sales services
We offer post-sales services in order to answer every single customers demand. We focus on details and guarantee quality. EUROOO is the only supplier of European furniture and building materials that offers a full suite of services and secures a two-year warranty period for all its purchased products.


1. On-line selection and placing an order with EUROOO
You can choose a product on our website and contact our staff to get the characteristics and the price of the goods you are interested in. If you have special requirements towards your product you are kindly asked to inform us of these special requirements by phone or by email. Our team based in Italy speaks English, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Russian.

2. Project design and customer support:
A professional team can develop interior design and decoration of projects.

3. Free of charge assembly of the product
We offer a free of charge assembly of the product on its arrival at the destination. We offer a two-years’ warranty period for all EUROOO purchased goods.

4. Logistics and warehouse facilities
Availability of the warehouse facilitates and cooperation with factories permits us organize prompt delivery of the goods to clients. Making use of our Track Order Service, you can trace your order starting from its loading and finishing with its arrival at the destination.

5. Comprehensive aftersales service
The aftersales service represents a full spectrum of services provided to a client after the acquisition of the product. The company is able to resolve all possible issues concerning the product and places strong emphasis on the details and guarantees qualified and professional conducting of the full range of services offered.


Browse through the brands and customized product pictures with different categories on our website, specify the quantities you want and send us an inquiry via e-mail for personal price consultation; after a series of design consulting by our experts and after understanding your request depending on your budget and style preference, we will send you the best FOB prices available in the market for reputed luxury brands.  If you are a retailer or any other furniture sourcing company in any country, you can also ask us for a price comparison for not more than 10 products of the same brand not exceeding maximum of 2 brands per request.


This depends on the number of brands, number and type of products requested.  It may take 3-4 weeks on an average for the production and 3-4 weeks on an average for shipping from Italy.  Air freight can be arranged with an added extra cost.


After the product is manufactured and delivered to our warehouse, we inspect for any damage or loss of the product, send pictures of the products as proof to our clients and repack it using the following techniques.
Special packing - Antiadhesion paper so as not to harm the surface of the furniture.
Cardboard packing - To protect the product from shock during transportation and shipping, bubble wraps, wood-wool layers, etc.
Wooden box packing - For glass and mirrors objects, they are encapsulated and carefully placed in wooden box.
We do not charge anything extra for special packing.


When we receive confirmation of order, the final Proforma invoice is generated and 70% is charged as a down payment which must be paid via bank transfer (the details would be provided in Proforma Invoice), once we receive the payment we send the order for manufacturing; we send updated reports about the manufacturing in every stage.  After the product is ready, we start the shipping process and before the goods are ready to be shipped the balance 30% of the order should be paid.
All original shipping documents; B.L - Invoice - Packing list will be sent to you on your address through our registered courier service (DHL or UPS).


Yes of course, but before the Proforma invoice is generated.  Once we receive the order confirmation and the products are sent for manufacturing no further changes can be made and no refund is possible as per the sales contract which you will have to read carefully and sign (please also see our Terms & Conditions for more details).  All the products on our website are customizable, we can change the color, sizes (measurements), finishes, material and fabrics according to your style and preference.


We ship the products worldwide.  Our standard shipping is done by sea, we also do air freight with an added extra cost on emergency orders.  Our shipping fares are transparent and can be easily validated just by sending an online enquiry along with the product dimension, weight and value.  If you want to know the price of the product and shipping price separately, all you will have to do is email us the name of the port (in your country) where the goods will be sent.  Shipping price changes from time to time, but we constantly work on getting the best price for shipping.  We use the international shipping system - FOB (Free on Board) and C.I.F. (Cost Insurance Freight), the documentation includes:
- Shipping invoices offered to you for 20 ft and 40 ft containers.
- Transfer documents of the container to the port and stacking.
- Custom Clearance.
- Certificate of Origin.
- Bill of Lading.
- Packing List.
- Any other expenses in Italy.

You can also hire a third party forwarding company for the pickup of goods from our warehouse in Milan-Italy, without sending us any extra fees for shipping.  For the shipment of samples, material, fabric, etc, we charge the normal courier service, which can be easily validated online or if it is one or two pieces of the product sample (eg. Furniture or Home Décor Accessory for bulk orders), the shipping is done by the LCL system; which may take 20 - 25 days (the packing of which is done accordingly as mentioned earlier).

We believe in fair trade.  All our prices are transparent whether it is a particular brand product or shipping charges.  We welcome you to compare our prices with dealers or any other furniture sourcing company in your country.


EUROOO regards delivery and logistics as a fundamental part of our service, whether you are an Interior Designer wanting to impress a client, or you are the client! You've bought an exceptional item from us, perhaps even a personally unique product; you should expect it to be handled with the utmost care. Our trusted team understand and we only use the best: whether it's our internal installations team or one of our industry partners, we're all here to ensure your delivery arrives in the condition you expect.

Before ordering, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that there is adequate room to take the furniture through any doorways and windows, taking note of any restricted passageways, stairs and awkward turns in order for it to be delivered to the desired location. Only faulty goods or EUROOO order mistakes can be refunded, please see Returns Policy for full details.


When the order balance is due, one of our customer representatives will contact you a few days before dispatch from the country of manufacture. At this point (and assuming the balance is paid in full) under normal circumstances our team will book in the delivery to your chosen destination with one of our trusted delivery companies or our in-house team. For the majority of deliveries you will be contacted by our despatch team to notify you of the intended delivery date (note this may be a different branch). On the day of delivery our main delivery partner has the facility to contact you via a text message, to let you know of the intended 2 hour window for delivery. Should this not be a satisfactory time, it is possible on most occasions to rearrange for another time and date. Note that this is dependent on the third party delivery company's availability, and in certain circumstances they reserve the right to charge additional costs for out of hours and non-scheduled delivery time and dates, as well as assembly.

We provide customized services. according to you needs, you can choose measure, colors and materials. If you already ordered a product and later discover that it’s out production, there’s no problem, we would be able to offer you a similar product to satisfy your need.

We can provide deliveries in all the main cities in the world.

Generally, production time is approximately 2 months, if you choose delivery by sea, you will receive your products in maximum 6 months and if you choose delivery by air you will get your goods aproximately in 3 months.

This is completely not needed, our logistics and delivery employees will directly deliver goods to your home and you will just need to sign a receipt.

Of course, we can ship worldwide.

We do have 4 warehouses in Italy, and as regards other countries, according to the place where customers will receive the goods, we would rent a warehouse.

Of course we can store and take care of your products, we will ask a small amount as storage fee.

Generally an order can be completed, delivered in a period from 4 to 6 months, depending on your location.

Yes we will assemble your furniture because there are some prdoucts that needs to be disassembled during shipping and assembled once arrived to your house.

According to the category and volume of products that you choose to purchase we will charge you a transportation fee. The reason why we charge you this small amount of money will let us offer you a more complete service. However, once the goods enter your country, we would not charge any other delivery and installation fee.

Sorry, currently we do not have this function. It is possible to pay online and by bank transfer. We will activate as soon as possible payments by paypal and American express.


Eurooo doesn't have seasonal sales periods (apart from occasional stock clearance). Our prices are set at the best they can be during the whole year. We strive to give our products a price that is always “a fair reflection of true quality”. We are guided by our manufacturers (some of whom are selling online with us is a new venture). Our suppliers generally invest tremendous amounts in design, skills, knowledge and craftsmanship, as well as facilities, tools and presentation.

We are privileged to be one of only a handful of retailers entrusted to portray their brand and products in a suitable way and represent the correct level of service both online and in our store, so that anyone can visit us for reassurance and inspiration.

We have to acknowledge that, in spite of our considerable investment and pioneering efforts to maintain a highly engaging environment, sometimes others are trying to undercut us.

Although our prices are always set at very competitive rates, we will always try to offer the best prices on the market and thus beat the competition.


Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t hide the cost of transportation to inflate the cost of the product, even if this could be simpler. Our prices are always transparent.

We like to show our customers how much does the delivery cost; sometimes it can be FREE, but usually there is a cost. We provide you a close estimation of transport costs as soon as we get all the necessary information.


We are specialists at providing high-end furniture and lighting to many interior projects and homeowners throughout the world. We want for our customers the best prices available in the market. Although our company is based in Italy, our suppliers and customers are from all over the world. With the exception of only a couple of brands, who have strict geographical retail territories, we are able to ship our products to almost any destination in the world. We have many satisfied customers from India, Middle East, Australia, China, US etc.

The amount of data and information required to calculate accurate shipping costs for any destination around the world is very large, and it can change daily. Often, groups of orders are directed to the same destination, and this could lower the transport costs. In certain cases, it is possible to send items from the country of manufacture to the final customers without passing through intermediate stages. Because of the variable factors examined above it is almost impossible to accurately quote the best price online automatically.

Therefore, let us understand your product request and then we will give you a small range of shipping quotes from our experienced team and trusted partners. Send us an email or call us, letting us know the full item details, as well as shipping address. There's no obligation to proceed. We will be more than happy to help.

Our team deals daily with different shipping prices and strives to offer you the best price. The cost is also determined by the type of transport and packaging. For these reasons we are not always able to estimate the exact price when ordering. In general, it is possible to save more money on the transport cost if more than one item or a collection, for instance, is ordered from the same manufacturer. Please contact our team to ask further questions and clarify your doubts.


Please note there are several important points which we strongly advise you read before you proceed with the payment for any products. By sending payment (part of it of fully), you automatically accept to enter a legal binding contract with EUROOO under all the terms and conditions written on this site (including returns, cancellations and refunds policies). The contract will be binding after EUROOO receives your payment, unless EUROOO declares at any time, and with any communication method that the order has not been accepted. In this case EUROOO will start the refund procedure - please see the Terms and Conditions.


Please be aware that almost all the products for sale are made to order for you, and that we commission the manufacturers almost immediately, using your 70% deposit down payment in order not to delay the delivery time. After 7 days since the order was accepted you CANNOT cancel this contract, and you will be liable for the full balance of the item plus the delivery and any other charges which are normally applied when the item is ready to be delivered. If you do not know if the item you ordered was made specifically for you, please ask one of our sale advisors before ordering.


We hope that you are satisfied with your purchase from EUROOO. However, if you would like to return an item because it is unsuitable, please be aware that almost all the products for sale are made to order for you, and therefore cannot be returned once the items have been commissioned, unless the item is faulty or EUROOO has made a mistake with the order. Your statutory rights are not affected, however be aware of the Italy Office of Fair Trading laws, and the guidelines such as the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and specifically the Distance Selling Act and the Sale of Goods Act 1979, do clarify that standard return terms DO NOT APPLY when you enter into contract for an item which is made for you. We are sure that you understand that it is precisely because we offer a high level of customization for our products, that they are made just for you. For this reason, we are subsequently unable to resell such individual item that was specifically made for you.


To cancel an order, please contact our customer service team by email (service@eurooo.com) or call the number +39 0291270932 IMMEDIATELY. Please note that you are entitled to cancel this contract and receive a full refund no longer that 7 working days after the day on which your initial order was received, unless delivered items are proved to be faulty or we believe EUROOO has made a mistake with the order. Please see Product Fault Damages & shortages and Order Anomalies for exceptions.


Our delivery experts are a trusted set of specialist companies with the aim and the experience to ensure that your goods are handled with care and delivered without damaging your property. The items will be removed from the package an assembled at your home. Note: please contact us if more complicated installation or assembly are required, and our team with no doubt will be able to assist you.

When you receive the goods, please note that it is your responsibility to check the goods for any faults, damage or shortages and record any problems on the delivery receipt. If the item is badly damaged, refuse it and contact us immediately. Any claim concerning short delivery and/or damaged and/or defective goods found on delivery, or concerning damaged or defective goods found after the delivery, must be notified to us within 48 hours after the receipt of goods, by sending an email to service@eurooo.com or calling the number +39 02 91270932 .

Any damage that is noticed after delivery must be proved by taking a picture of the faulty item that clearly shows the damage and how the damage was likely to be provoked. Important note: in most cases, our delivery teams will insist that the items are inspected at the moment of delivery and before they leave. If the customer signs the delivery receipt without referring to any damage, it will then be simpler and faster to resolve any case of subsequent complaint. In the event that the customer discovers that the product is damaged, we ask you to point it out to our employees at the moment of delivery, in order to make it easier and faster to proceed with the return.

We are aware that for large projects it is sometimes preferable to keep purchased items still packaged until all other items have been received. However, we inform you that any damage must be reported within 48 hours from the delivery of the product, otherwise, exceeded this threshold, you will lose any right to exercise any type of complaint.


Given the fact that it will be our care to send you the product with the finishes and colors that you choose, we are not responsible for slight variations of these two factors. These minor variations may occur especially if you have selected products with natural finishes.

Leather: it is a natural product and every type of leather will have its own characteristics and particular marks.

EUROOO selects only the highest quality leather, but some marks are unavoidable and should be accepted as part of the individual appearance of leather furniture.

With exposure to light and air, cherry wood, maple and oak will mature to a deeper color. For example, the color of cherry wood softens with time, gradually becoming more natural. For this reason, objects placed on surfaces could leave 'shadows' when removed. If this happens, exposure to daylight will eventually darken these paler areas. In addition, some items that are produced with natural finishes such as wood and leather may have unique characteristics such as knots, minor color differences or "scars". These, which at first glance could be considered as product flaws, are actually signs that show how these finishes are natural and that give unique characteristics to the item you have selected.


To obtain a refund, arrange the return or replacement of the product, a return authorization code is required. In order to obtain this authorization, send an email to service@euroo.com or call the number + 39 02 91270932.

Our team will give you a return authorization code and will provide you with instructions to use get the refund, make a return or replace the product.

Furnishing items: EUROOO must be informed of your cancellation request within 7 days of receiving the order. This request must be in writing and sent by post, fax or e-mail - a telephone conversation or a voice message will not be sufficient. We will cancel your order and charge an appropriate cancellation fee.

Made-to-order items: EUROOO must be informed of your cancellation request within 28 days of receiving the order. We recommend to use a registered service to return the product and keep the receipt that certifies the shipment of the product. EUROOO is not responsible for any damage to the product occurred during the return.

Returned items must be received in a perfectly intact condition, with the original packaging and the instruction booklet, so that they can be sold again. After we have received the returned product back, the customer will be refunded using the same method of payment with which he made the purchase. Please note that the original shipping costs will not be refunded. A refund of delivery costs will be guaranteed only in case of incorrect, damaged or faulty goods. If we find that the product has not been returned to us in completely re-saleable conditions, we reserve the right to refuse to refund the item, or to deduct up to 70% of the original sale price from the refund amount.

Restrictions: we are not able to offer a refund or exchange on perishable items, toiletries or other products that we believe have been used.


For the items which are covered by our above-mentioned returns policy:

After the item has returned to our warehouse and has successfully passed the inspection, being intact and in a re-saleable condition, within a 30 days period we will proceed with the refund, using the same method of payment adopted during the purchase.

If we realize that the product shows some flaws or damages that presumably were not present at the time of delivery, we reserve the right to considerably reduce the sum of the refund, which will be decided in accordance with the resale value of the goods in these conditions.

EUROOO does not bear any responsibility for loss of working hours, lost profits or other liabilities, in the unlikely case that a delivery is incorrect, delayed or postponed.

To consult all our terms and conditions, visit the "Terms and Conditions" section.  


The EUROOO website is owned and operated by EUROOO S.R.L. (EUROOO – Lifestyle Consultant) a company incorporated in Italy whose registered address is Via Einaudi, 4 - 20068 Peschiera Borromeo - Milano (Italy) and whose company VAT number is 03555180136.

Please note: as almost all the GOODS ARE MADE BESPOKE TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS, SOME OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER STANDARD ITALY LAWS (Consumer Rights Act 2015 and its predecessors, DISTANCE SELLING ACT and SALE OF GOODS ACT etc.) DO NOT APPLY. Please read the following section and the Returns Policy section carefully before entering into a binding contract. This is the User Agreement that rules the use of this website and the provision of our services to the customer. We have the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, add or delete parts of these website terms at any time and without any notice. In the event that some changes occur, we will report on this web page the changes and we will indicate at the top of it the date on which these terms were modified. The continuation of the use of the website after these changes constitutes the implicit acceptance of the terms of the new website. It is the user's responsibility to regularly check the website to determine if any changes have been made to these website terms and to verify these changes. Please take time to read these terms, because it is important for both of us that you understand our contractual relationship both in relation to your use of our website (see Privacy Policy) and the products and services we offer you.


Once the user sends part of the payment for an order, EUROOO will start the procedure for the fulfillment of the sales order. This does not mean automatic acceptance of the order, and EUROOO will not be obliged to accept the order, furthermore EUROOO has the right to refuse or cancel the order at any time.

Properties of goods: the exclusive ownership of a product remains entirely of EUROOO, and the ownership will pass to the User only once full payment has been made. The completion of the contract between EUROOO and the customer will take place when the goods are delivered to the customer, unless we notify you that we do not accept your order or we cancel it in accordance with the instructions contained in the return policy.

Non-acceptance of an order can take place for the following reasons:
- Ordered goods may no longer be available;
- We were not able to get the authorization for your payment;
- We identified a mistake in the specified price or in the description of the goods;
- You are not suitable to place orders according to the criteria indicated in the "Terms and Conditions” section

If there are any problems with your order, you will be contacted by our Customer Services Representatives. We reserve the right to refuse any purchase from you at any time.  We will take all precautions, to the extent that it is in our power, to keep the details of the order and payment secure but, in the absence of our negligence, we cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred if an unauthorized third part access any data provided by the user while accessing or ordering from the website. Please note that, upon checkout confirmation, you are directed to a secure transaction section - reserved to you and your bank - and at no time EUROOO can access your payment details.


Generally, our goods are made to order, so we usually ask for a deposit that corresponds to 70% of the final price before we proceed with the implementation of the order. Note: As the GOODS ARE MADE BESPOKE TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. SOME OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER STANDARD ITALY LAWS (Consumer Rights Act 2015 and its predecessors. DISTANCE SELLING ACT and SALE OF GOODS ACT etc.) DO NOT APPLY. This is specifically relevant for cancellations, refunds and returns. We strongly advised you to fully understand all the cancellation or refunds & returns policies before agreeing to the site’s terms and conditions.


By sending payment (part or full), it will mean that you automatically wish to enter into a contract with EUROOO under all the terms and conditions including returns, cancellations and refunds policies that are written on this website. The contract with EUROOO starts when your deposit {or greater sum) is paid, unless EUROOO declares at any time, and by any communication method within the contract period, that the order has NOT been accepted. (See the point "Specific conditions relating to the purchase of a product, payment, purchase price and ownership of goods"). In this case, EUROOO will fully refund the amount due to you (usually this amount corresponds to the deposit). If EUROOO accepts the payment and does not inform the Customer of non-acceptance, a conditional sale will be underway. EUROOO will be obliged to satisfy the production of goods according to your order, and the customer accepts the entry into force of the contract, which says that the customer is obliged to pay any debits on the balance, including delivery (sometimes referred to as "transport" or "shipping"), where such charges are declared and enforceable. Please note that EUROOO is committed to providing accurate information on delivery times and will endeavor to do everything possible to meet the estimated time. However, if the indicated delivery date is not respected, EUROOO is not responsible for any breach of contract. The goods will remain the property of EUROOO until all payments have been paid in full, and the item has arrived at the place of delivery. Note: it is the customers responsibility to check for any damage at the point of delivery. Please see the Returns Policy for more information.


After accepting to buy one of our goods, one of our team members will receive your purchase request, or you can proceed with the purchase directly from the Website and the order will be sent automatically. Ordinarily, our team will contact you by phone or email to ensure that the details of your purchase order comply with your needs, or to clarify doubts by answering to your questions. Please note that it is your responsibility to check that the order complies with the exact specifications you require, and that all details are correct before proceeding with the payment. Even if you should be contacted by phone, we ask you to provide us with an email address, to which you we will send you the details of your order. From the moment you receive the email you will have 7 days to inform us of any changes of your order. Specifically, you must ensure that the colors, finishes and dimensions of then purchased items meet your needs, as at the time of manufacture, or after the 7 days allowed for any changes, EUROOO does not guarantee you can make any kind of change.


 We reserve the right to withdraw any products from this Website at any time and/or remove or edit any materials or content on this Website. We may refuse to process a transaction for any reason or refuse the service to anyone, at any time and at our sole discretion, for various reasons, including the indication of incorrect information, like the price. We are not responsible to you or any third party because of any product being withdrawn from this website, regardless of whether the product was sold or not.

In order to make purchases on this site and sign purchase contracts legally on this site it is necessary:
- to register and provide: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, payment details, and other mandatory information;
- to be at least 18 years old;
- to Indicate an address where you want to receive the ordered products (recommended but not required).

Note that we do not accept mailbox or temporary accommodation addresses. EUROOO also reserves the right to request a suitable delivery site for the parking of the means of transport.

See the "Frequently Asked Questions" section and in particular the point: "Important: Do you have full access to the delivery / installation of the goods?"

Make sure you are in possession of a credit card issued by a bank accepted by EUROOO, or make sure you can make the payment through one of the methods indicated on the website.   


This information is provided in compliance with art. 13 of Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data) and relates to all personal data processed in the manner indicated below.


The personal data provided may be communicated to appropriately appointed recipients who will process the data as data processors and/or as appointees, in order to comply with the contracts or related purposes.
The complete list of data processors and processors of personal data can be requested by sending a request to the email address info@eurooo.com


In the event that personal data is transferred outside the European Union, for technical and operational purposes and to ensure high continuity of service, the Data Controller ensures that the transfer is based on a decision of adequacy of the Commission, at to ensure that the level of protection of natural persons guaranteed by current legislation and in particular by EU Regulation 2016/679 is not prejudiced.


The personal data processed are collected as provided directly by the interested party or collected automatically.
The data provided directly by the interested party are all personal data that are provided to the Data Controller in any way, directly by the interested party.
The data collected automatically is navigation data. Such data, although not collected in order to be associated with the identity of the user, could indirectly, through processing and associations with data collected by the Data Controller, allow its identification.
Following the sending of newsletters, the platform used makes it possible to detect the opening of a message and the clicks made within the newsletter itself, together with details of the IP and the browser / device used. The collection of these data is fundamental for the functioning of the implicit renewal systems of the treatment (see the heading Processing Methods) and an integral part of the operations of the sending platform.


The provision of personal data has the legal basis of processing contractual or pre-contractual requirements or the fulfillment of legal obligations to which the Data Controller is subject. For this reason, any refusal to process or the failure to supply the data could result in the impossibility of correct delivery of the service or the impossibility for the Data Controller to respond to requests for information sent by the interested.
The provision of data for the purpose of sending newsletters for promotional, informative or research purposes is optional and the refusal to provide the relative consent to the Treatment will make it impossible to be updated about commercial initiatives and/or promotional campaigns, to receive offers or other promotional material.


The interested party may withdraw his consent to the receipt of promotional and commercial communications immediately, by sending a request to the email address [insert email] or by clicking on the appropriate unsubscribe link which can be found in the footer of each promotional and commercial email received.


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The processing of data is usually carried out at the Data Controller's headquarters, by personnel or external collaborators duly designated as data processors. The complete list of data processors and persons in charge of processing personal data can be requested by sending a request to the email address info@eurooo.com.
Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss of data, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.
The registration and the relative treatment are considered valid until the unsubscription by the user, present in every email, or after 12 months from the last communication of which he has evidence of direct interaction (click, open, reply).


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Right to cancellation: the interested party has the right to obtain the cancellation of personal data concerning him, without unjustified delay, if there is one of the reasons provided for by art. 17.
Right to limit treatment: the data subject is entitled, in the cases provided for by Article 18 of Regulation 2016/679, to obtain the limitation of the processing.
Right to data portability: the data subject has the right to receive in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device, the personal data concerning him and has the right to transmit such data to another owner without impediment, according to what required by art. 20 of Regulation 2016/679;
Right to object to processing: the data subject has the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning him/her as provided by the art. 21 of Regulation 2016/679.
The data subject is also entitled to lodge a complaint with the competent control authority, the Privacy Guarantor.
The requests referred to in the previous points must be addressed in writing to the Data Controller. The Data Controller will, within the time limits established by current legislation, provide a timely response to requests to exercise the rights of the data subjects.


The Data Controller reserves the right to modify, supplement or update this Notice periodically in compliance with the applicable legislation or the provisions adopted by the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data.
The aforementioned modifications or additions will be brought to the attention of the interested parties. We invite users to view the Privacy Policy regularly, to check the updated information and decide whether or not to continue using the services offered.

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